SIU English One – Speaking Practice

Course schedule

Meeting and Training: All Teachers
 April: 11(Thur) 9:00 – 12:00 PHT

Demo and Training: All Teachers
 April: 12(Fri) Call the roll at 7:00 – Finish at 9:30

Meeting and Training: All Teachers
 June: 18(Tue) 9:00 – 12:00 PHT

English I: Team A / Team B / Team C
 April: 23(Tue), 26(Fri)
 May: 14(Tue), 17(Fri), 28(Tue), 31(Fri)
 June: 25(Tue), 28(Fri)
 July: 9(Tue), 12(Fri)

Multi cultures and language: Team D
 April: 15(Mon), 22(Mon)
 May: 6(Mon), 20(Mon), 27(Mon)

Schedule of the day

Call the roll: 7:00 – 7:10
Meeting: 7:45 – 7:55

1st Class Enter: 7:58, Lesson: 08:30 – 09:00
2nd Class Enter: 9:38, Lesson: 10:10 – 10:40

3rd Class Enter: 11:58, Lesson: 12:30 – 13:00
4th Class Enter: 13:38, Lesson: 14:10 – 14:40

出席確認: 8時00分~8時10分
打合せ: 8時45分~8時55分

1限目 入室:8時58分, レッスン:9時30分~10時00分
2限目 入室:10時38分, レッスン:11時10分~11時40分

3限目 入室:12時58分, レッスン:13時30分~14時00分
4限目 入室:14時38分, レッスン:15時10分~15時40分
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Meeting 7:45 (8時45分)

ID: 863 9498 3044

– Agenda –
(1) Today is Monday, Week 3. Teachers must not let students practice among themselves This applies to ALL classes..
(2) Read Professor Kataoka’s resume very carefully, and if you have any questions, ask what to do in the lesson before speaking practice starts. Don’t hesitate to ask him.
(3) When you are not speaking, turn off your mic.
(4) Please change your profile name (Teacher + Name), profile photo and virtual background (downloadable at the bottom of this site.)
(5) Please keep up with latest information on the Skype group chat. Don’t forget to refresh your browser.
(6) Please listen to the 30mins lecture carefully for your speaking practice.
(7) Stay connected to Skype at all time during class and report to admin any minor troubles.
(8) When students get any technical problems, please use help button to call the professor.
(9) Please enter the class at displayed time.
(10) Basically, teachers are not supposed to speak Japanese (but special occasions).

When you got a trouble in the lesson, please report it immediately using the next template.
/////////////// I need help!!! ///////////////
 Reason: Internet / Power / PC / Others
 Breakout room #:

– Don’t forget to record lessons!!! –
Gallery view is better than speaker view.
Tue: 3rd period, Prof Kataoka, Team B
Fri: 2nd period, Prof Kataoka, Team C
Fri: 3rd period, Prof Kataoka, Team A

The way teacher treats students

(1) Please be polite and be patient to the students. (Not too friendly.)
(2) Please call their name with suffix. Ex) Toshinari-san or Mikami-san.
(3) Please beware of sensitive topics such as politics. Some students came from Vietnam, China, Korea, etc.
(4) Fun English conversation is the most important thing. We hope you enjoy the lessons with your students.

Please feel free to contact Toshi. Skype ID = tossy-mikamix

(Teacher’s free comments, suggestions, requests are welcome. In case you got any minor incidents in the class, please report it asap.)

Requests from Prof. Coxford

Some general requests based on what I saw last year:

(1) Please pretend you do not speak Japanese at all, and only write in English in the chat, to make sure they talk with you in English.
(2) If they struggle, talk more slowly, repeat with easier words, or type what you said in the chat. When they keep responding in Japanese you can ask the other student, like “What does that mean in English? X-san, can you help Y-san?”.
(3) Share screen when you want to show pictures. Please do not show pictures on your smartphone, because the Zoom background obscures it.
From the previous semester
Language issues
In terms of Japanese usage or mistakes, I saw teacher XXXXXX messaging students in Japanese, and also sometimes mistyping English. Here is what I wrote down on the day
 * odd questions “how many minutes do you play flute?”, “what do you hit?”
 * wrong word order “why volleyball is more difficult?”
 * missing letters “how is you English speaking skills?”
 * wrong tense “how old are you when you start playing archery?”
 * inaccurate vocab “do you do warm exercise up?”

Worst of all from my perspective, I saw issues with my students asking the teachers questions.
In group 11/21, one of my students called Harumichi asked his teacher “What are your skills?”, and they replied with their favourite Filipino food. He was very disappointed that his question hadn’t been understood, and when I checked it with him, his pronunciation was fine.
Simply responding to questions immediately can confuse the students if the teacher mishears.
Personally, I always recommend a speaking pattern like this:
(4) Repeat the question, stressing the key word “What are my skills?”
(5) Check the meaning “Skill, right?”
(6) Respond “Well, I am really good at…cooking”
(7) Develop the point or return it to the student “How about you, do you like cooking?” / “I love to cook sinigang”

Finally, this Tuesday 7th November I saw a lot of teachers leaving student questions until the very end. In the final minute, I message every breakout room to say “one minute left, folks!”, and some teachers waited until then to ask students for questions. I don’t think that is enough time for a proper conversation, so there should be at least 3~5 minutes at the end just for inviting questions from students.


Please record speaking practice

# Please record every lesson in Prof. Kataoka’s class.
(1) Once you are in the breakout room, click on the Record button.(with Gallery View)
(2) Don’t forget to stop recording when you leave Zoom breakout room.
# Please do not turn off your PC before the recorded video is saved to your PC.
  (It may take 15 to 30 mins.)
(3) When professor ends the meeting, the video is automatically processed and saved to your PC.
(4) You can find the video files in your local folder.
  [ PC > Document > Zoom ] (5) Please upload .mp4 file to our G-drive.

Team A, B and C: Tuesday and Friday

Team A #132
A1 Rose Bilag
A2 Michelle Aldave
A3 Ma. Joyce Soquillo
A4 Rea Katrina Salva
A5 Jesha Kaye Ouano
A6 Lianne Climaco
A7 Christine Mercado

Zoom Username
Password: SIUenglish012

Team B #133
B1 Nimfa Vizcarra
B2 Paula Mariz Bautista
B3 Lesly Torrevillas
B4 Michelle Delgado
B5 Jhanell Narciso
B6 Mary Grace Venasquez
B7 Angelica Magabili

Zoom Username
Password: SIUenglish012

Team C #135
C1 Mary Derezma
C2 Melinda Gonzales
C3 Angela Dalusung
C4 Jackie Quinones
C5 Christine De Vera > Gene Mae Coloso
C6 Deyric Tangalin
C7 Florinda Bihag

Zoom Username
Password: SIUenglish012

Admin: Toshi, AJ and Angeli

Team D: Monday

Team D
D1 Michelle Delgado
D2 Rose Bilag
D3 Michelle Aldave
D4 Nimfa Vizcarra
D5 Mary Grace Venasquez
D6 Mary Derezma
D7 Melinda Gonzales
Zoom Username
Password: SIUenglish012

*Zoom accounts for Monday and Wednesday are shared with Team C.
Admin: Toshi, AJ and Angeli


Team A, #132 /ID:812 3229 4766
Team B, #133 /ID:856 5790 9203
Team C, #135 /ID:890 5455 0384
Meeting Passcpde: 4141 (common)

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